When we started Frankfurter Friday at our Olympia Provisions restaurants back in 2012, we had no idea how popular this weekly tradition would become. It wasn’t long before the line of hot dog lovers stretched out the door come lunchtime, as the cooks competed to see who could come up with the most creative (and sometimes downright crazy) toppings.

And so, OP Wurst was born. Part homage to the authentic American hot dog of yore, part no-holds-barred frankfurter test kitchen, OP Wurst is helmed by longtime OP frankfurter mastermind Victor Deras, who has created a vast and varied menu of signature franks designed to satisfy every possible craving—from a pastrami-piled Reuben Dog and gravy-drenched Poutine Dog, to the whole Enchilada Dog.

Anything but your ordinary hot dog, our frankfurters are inspired by the Wrigley Field foot-longs that Olympia Provisions salumist Elias Cairo fondly remembers eating as a kid, while watching ball games with his grandfather. Crafted right here in Portland, Oregon, our franks are made with pure Pacific Northwest pork, fresh chopped garlic, and freshly ground spices. They’re stuffed in a real lamb casing, which ensures that delightful snap when you bite into them, then smoked for hours over apple and hickory wood. Every morning, our buns are delivered fresh from Portland French Bakery, and toppings are sourced from local farms and our favorite artisans. Our pickles are made in-house, by the official Olympia Provisions Pickle Department.

All of this adds up to the most authentic frankfurter you’ll find in America today, a nostalgic throwback to that perfect ballpark frank Eli remembers from decades ago. Eat them with your hands, eat them with a fork and knife, eat them with a cold beer, a glass of rosé, or for a celebratory kick, a bottle of grower Champagne from our exceptional libations list.

OP Wurst—frankly delicious!